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Some  Artist Productions


Left click on the PDF file above and then left click on individual Blue Links for listening to some of my productions I have done for Various Artists. Some Song Arrangements
are adapted from the original Artist Recording.
There is also a folder in each Link's Folder
for Artwork & Credits for the projects.

         J.D. Stewart     

  Production Examples


Rebecca Johnston-Garvin


"To The Peoples Of The World"
All the music arranged, recorded, mixed, and mastered by J.D. Stewart. The video was done by J.D. Stewart & Rebecca Johnston-Garvin.
CD Prieview R Side.jpg

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J.D. Stewart Smooth Jazz CD 
"Again For The 1st Time"
Preview CD Tracks:

Composed, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered,

and Performed by J.D. Stewart.

There will be 10 Songs at it's completion.