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J.D. Stewart Performance Audio & Videos

The                                      at the Bottom are part of the performance videos from the Decades CD that I have recorded at my studio. They are NOT KARAOKE tracks but have been recorded, mixed, and mastered by me for the videos I am doing as a tribute to the artists I have been covering for many years "Live". I am also doing all of the video production as well. Some existing Midi Files were edited and used for Tracking.

(No original artist Audio in the Videos)  J.D. Stewart

Decades Tracks

J.D. Stewart Smooth Jazz CD

All Original J.D. Tracks

 "Again For The First Time"
Smooth Jazz CD

All  SJ Inst/Vcls Composed, Recorded,

Mixed, Mastered, and Performed

by  J.D. Stewart

Por Ti Ahora - J.D. Stewart
Time Sensitive - J.D. Stewart
I've Already Decided - J.D. Stewart
Again For The 1st Time (Part II) - J.D. Stewart
It'll All Work Out - J.D. Stewart
She Knows What's Good For You - J.D. Stewart
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